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Techno Screen demonstrates a strong commitment to Environmental Sustainability by implementing innovative practices in its operations. From the use of solar energy and the recycling of waste to the collection of rainwater and the monitoring of the carbon footprint. Techno Screen not only reduces its environmental impact, but also promotes a sustainable business model that can serve as an example for other companies in its sector.

Techno Screen has adopted the Higg Index FEM (Facility Environmental Module) environmental sustainability module in its management. This tool provides a comprehensive assessment of the environmental sustainability of the facilities, covering aspects such as the Environmental Management System, Chemical Product Management, water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and Waste Management. By using this tool, Techno Screen can identify areas for improvement and set specific goals to reduce your environmental impact.

Our commitment has led us to be recognized by the "Pathways to Cleaner Production in the Americas Project".

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Techno Screen has installed photovoltaic solar panels at its facilities to harness solar energy and reduce its reliance on conventional energy sources. These panels generate clean, renewable electricity, which not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also helps lower the company's energy costs in the long run.

We currently manage a recycling campaign, led by the company's ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Committee in order to promote an environmentally friendly culture and learning experience.

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The care and efficient use of water in the production processes of the Techno Screen company are essential to promote environmental sustainability. Water is an invaluable natural resource and its availability is limited. By implementing practices and technologies that minimize water consumption and maximize its reuse, Techno Screen contributes to the conservation of this vital resource and reduces its impact on local ecosystems.

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Techno Screen has implemented wastewater treatment technologies in its production processes. These technologies make it possible to recycle the water used in the company's processes, which reduces the amount of fresh water needed and minimizes the discharge of contaminated wastewater into the environment. In this way, Techno Screen contributes to the conservation and protection of water resources.

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Techno Screen performs periodic measurements of its carbon footprint to assess and control its impact on greenhouse gas emissions. This implies the evaluation of all the sources of the company's emissions, from energy consumption to the movements of its vehicle fleet, and the implementation of measures to reduce these emissions. Carbon footprint measurement allows Techno Screen to monitor its progress and establish effective strategies to minimize its contribution to climate change.

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Techno Screen's chemical management system seeks to safeguard the health and safety of our collaborators, protect the environment and comply with national, international and customer requirements related to product safety legislation and regulations. This is achieved through the traceability of each of the chemical products throughout the production chain developed by Techno Screen.

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As part of its commitment to responsible resource management, Techno Screen has implemented a recycling program at its operations. This implies the proper separation and classification of the waste generated at its facilities, with the aim of maximizing recycling and minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfills. In addition, awareness and active participation of employees in these recycling practices is encouraged.

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Social Responsibility Program

Lean on

As part of the initiatives for social compensation and good corporate practices, the company has a Corporate Social Responsibility Program calledLEAN ON, a program whose philosophy is to sustain an organizational culture based on the following principles and values:

  • Responsibility

  • competitiveness

  • Excellence

  • Equality

  • Integrity

  • Spirituality


Business Clinic

Since 2011 we have had our INTEC Business Clinic in Agreement with the ISSS.

We have General Medicine and Nursing care.


With the Clinic's services, we help our collaborators streamline the medical referral processes and also promote health prevention in each of the work areas.


The services we offer at the INTEC Clinic are the following:

  • Care of more frequent and less complex diseases

  • emergency services care

  • birth control

  • Family planning control

  • Clinical Laboratory Exams

  • respiratory therapies

  • provision of medicines

  • Education for health

  • Preventive education programs, through talks, conferences, health fairs and other educational activities.

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